Over the past few years, I have worked in a variety of marketing and publishing roles and have collected a few samples from my time at each. There are samples here are from my time working as the Communications Project Manager at the Montana World Trade Center where I wrote copy for the website and their social media platforms, as well as designing and writing newsletters or other company collateral, and was part of the team designing the communications handbook for future interns.

During my time at Ooligan Press, in addition to the marketing work I did on the book project teams, along with a short period as the Marketing Assistant for the back list titles, I was the marketing intern for Kitchen Table Magazine, a local Portland food magazine with Brett Warnock, who is also a comic book professional and the founder of Top Shelf Productions. As the intern with Kitchen Table, I helped amplify and provide content for the social media and aided in the Instagram campaign for their summer sales in order to keep the magazine running. Not only were we able to do so, but we were also able to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition of Portland. In addition, I also ran an email campaign where I collected contact information for potential retailers to partner with and sell Kitchen Table Magazine to their customers and patrons. Doing so, I was able to connect with hundred of retailers across the United States.

Below are separate portfolios for each of the companies I have worked with and my experience with them. Some of these pages may be password protected in order to protect the intellectual property and the propriety of those companies, their staff, and their clientele. If a password is needed to view any of those pages or portfolios, please contact me.